Thermopolium of street diana


One of the most impressive buildings in the city: an inn of Hadrian . From Via di Diana a covered walkway leads into a courtyard flanked by tabernae . The facade of the inn , which on Via di Diana, showing the balconies on the first floor , with arches resting on the shelves of travertine (a technique that takes hold in the Middle Ages ) ; Here the ancient Ostia entertained in the cool summer evenings. Later there are three entrances to the inn , housed in the third century AD, from previous local . Inside there are three compartments , the middle one is the main one. Before you enter the room there is a central bar with three floors, where they were resting food and drinks for customers who were in a hurry ; under the counter a pan for washing dishes . The indoor dining room , embellished with frescoes , contains another counter for the display of food , above it a painting of still life. To the right of the kitchen with a cooker and a dolio , where they kept in fresh water and wine ; left a room unidentified ; behind a courtyard with a fountain and stone seats for guests.